Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Too Young to Be Old?

July 12, 2011
I just found my first "age spot" or liver spot as some people call them, on my right cheek! A defining pause in my life. Isn't that rather "childish"? After all I am...(at which point I realized I didn't remember how old I am!) I know I am 42 or 43 but would have to do the math to figure it out, because honestly, right this min. I don't have a CLUE! Must be another SIGN of getting older.
I thought I was taking such a HUGE, Bold step to quit coloring my hair and let all my grey hair show! And I must admit I keep a "Panic" bottle in the bathroom just in case...
And I know I'm getting to where I need more oil changes, tune-ups and body work done. That's obvious with 13 surgeries in 16 yrs! And all but one in the last 10 yrs!
But for some reason this big brown freckle on my face at 42 (I did the math!) screamed at me today..."You are an Aged Woman!" Titus
Lord, please help me to use all the many, many trials and tribulations, Mountain tops and Valleys deep that  you have brought me through in my life to help someone else carry their burden, learn something new of Your wonderful Grace and Mercy or just be there when needed.
Please don't let me waste one grey hair, one age spot or one wrinkle that has taught me something that can help someone else! I desire for ALL of me to Glorify YOU!

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