Saturday, August 27, 2011

16 On the HighWay

Yesterday, was it only yesterday, James and I, against our desires as parents allowed Mathew to drive our car to Eagle River, Alaska on the other side of Anchorage from us. At least a 3 1/2 hour drive each way. The plan was for them to drive up after school (Mathew 16 and in 11th grade and our friend who is in his early 20's that we have known for years) and work to get a car that the friend was buying and turn around and drive back that night.
We really only had two concerns...Mathew driving in downtown Anchorage for the first time alone and them driving tired so late at night. We had them check the car for oil, fluids, ect... Change the busted headlight that went out on the car and warning Mathew about all the things to be careful for and when and where to call home...we forgot to have him check the spare tire and make sure the jack was in the car!
So off they went on their grand adventure!! They called and texted as told before leaving town, when arriving in Eagle River...Then Mathew got separated from his friend in the traffic in Anchorage he did just what he should. We were so proud! Then they headed out for home. A couple of hours later Mathew called, he had had a flat and had no jack and once again was separated from his friend. It was 1am.
Finally, after much deliberation, with James having to work a 12 hour day today and me being unable to drive,  James' brother Allen volunteered to drive up in the middle of the night to take him what he needed for repairs.
All in all they got home around 6:30am and they were exhausted!!!!
"My God shall supply ALL your needs according his riches in Christ Jesus!"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Writing with Joanna

I have had a love of Journaling or keeping a Diary for years. I'm not good at it. But have always picked up and collected and picked up the "style" of book or Journal that spoke to me. Whatever caught my eye. 

My Mamaw Barlow, was a diary keeper for years and my Mom has them now. I wish I could be more faithful at it like she was but I am to very sporadic with it.

This weekend when we went camping as a family I told everyone to take a couple of small items (book or toy) for in the tent in case it rained one day. To my delight and surprise, Joanna brought a notebook for journaling in!!! I was so thrilled that she is picking that up also!

It was fun to sit in the tent with her and write in our journals together! So very special!!!

Joanna Journaling in the tent with me!

Serious concentration with her writing!