Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Home Is Where The Heart Is"

I can't hardly imagine moving again! I am willing to but shiver with dread at the thought of doing so! We bought this house almost 18 years ago also! (WOW) As a PK/MK who was used to moving when God told Dad, "Go", the thought of buying was very scary for me! I felt like it was telling God, "No" We aren't flexible, willing to go or obey."
But I was wrong! 12 yrs ago we both felt the call to "Go". So we went! We put the house on the market (well we tried, and tried and even relators we knew "couldn't" get it done???! (God maybe?)
We spent two years at the Church there in KY. LOVED IT! An instant home just like our old one in Alaska! We felt we were Home!!
But after two years God said, time to go back! We were so torn! It's like having two lives! 
But the house had never sold and the family member who had been caring for the place was worn out with all of her travel, working two jobs 250 miles apart! Iy was horrible for her! (Thank you Sweet Amy G!) 
 So... We bought this when we got married, moved in with my (soon ours) three year old son Mathew, followed a little over a year and 1/2 later by our premie Joanna and 18 months later our miracle Andrew!

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