Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Camping Food!!

Not a burrito but we went camping with friends a few years ago and they had breakfast planned. They had pre-split "Australia" biscuits (a softer version of an English muffin but we use English muffins when we do them) in a bag and ready to go. In another bag they had pre-scrambled three kinds of sausage (regular, hot and Italian) and then cooled and frozen it in a Ziploc in the cooler. Also in the cooler was a Ziploc of frozen cheese (cheddar, mozzarella and american). So we throw three bags of frozen items (bread, precooked sausage, and a mix of shredded and chunk ed cheese) in the cooler and off we go. The next morning they pull out a flat cookie sheet and a big pot and set them on the coals of the fire. He dumps the sausage in the pot and it starts heating up pretty quick. It is thawed and precooked so all we are looking for is HOT. Meanwhile, his wife tosses the split muffin halves on the flat pan and lets them start dry toasting and heating up. When the sausage is hot. He dumped the bag of cheese in the pan with it and pulled it back away from the hottest part of the fire. She flipped the lovely muffins over to toast on the other side, while he stirred in the cheese. Two min. later they said, "It's done!" And started scooping sausage and cheese on a muffin and putting a top on it, and passing them around! I thought it was going to be a huge mess!
But the Cheddar gave it tang, the Mozzarella made it string and stick together so it didn't fall out of the bun and the american added a wonderful creaminess to it! There were 5 couples on the trip, 10 adults and we all loved it and ate our fill! It has become a MUST have for at least 1 breakfast every year for our family weekly camping trip here in Alaska! This year I have added your burritos for morning #2!!

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