Thursday, June 16, 2011

Health Update

Feeling better, but not...confusing. My pain level in my neck is much better since the surgery and is healing well but the Dr is upset that I am doing too much too fast. It isn't normal to have over 1/2 the discs in your neck replaced at one time and so he wants at minimum 6months to a year for it to all heal and get strong. (one or two is usual but not 4). Plus with my back and hip I toss and turn so much at night that I'm not keeping it still enough. So now I am on a pill that makes me sleep HARD at night so I don't turn over more than once or twice, but that means I don't hear the phone, the kids, James leaving for work or anything until the pill wears off and then I'm so stiff from laying in one position for so long I can't even get up until someone brings me more pain pills and a drink and I wait for them to kick in! LOL kind of a weird circle!! But at least the migraines are down to only one every couple of weeks and they are not NEAR as severe!! Thank the Lord!! And The constant neck pain has gone from a 8-10 with pills to a 2-3 with pills!!! I am so thankful!
The next step is another specialist in July for my hip. We will see if they can get me some relief so I can stand and walk again. The back (scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthritis and spurs) are right next to the heart and so they won't work on that area and said I will just have to live with it. As with the fibromialgia. But if I can get rid of the headaches so I can think halfway straight again and get my hip fixed so I can stand, walk and sit without agony I will be THRILLED!!
Thank you all each and everyone who has walked this journey with me. You've listened to my pain, prayed for me, visited, encouraged and been here even when HERE was my bed and recliner. Thank you my friends and family. I continue my journey with more hope in my heart every day!

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