Friday, October 22, 2010

Peices of Me

Some may wonder why I write such personal things on my blog. Why I'm so honest about my past, my health, my failings as a wife, mother and even my struggles as a Christian. I do not ever wish to offend or hurt anyone with anything I write or say in my life. But I have had the desire to write since I was very young. I have tried to write in several different formats over the years but they were never right for me. A frustrated writer is a bad thing indeed!
I have always felt like everything that God allows me to go thru in my life teaches me something, prepares me for something and/or eventually allows me to help others with my experiance. But if I keep my mouth shut from shame or embarassement or shyness, I am helping no one, not even myself.
And sometimes things bottle up inside of me till I feel I will just bust if they don't come out! I HAVE to write them down. Even if no one ever reads this Blog it is where I feel I can write what is in my heart and God will send who He wants to read it, if and when the time is right.
So sometimes I go days and even weeks without writing anything and then sometimes I write three or four days in a row.
So if I am talking about my children, my ex-husband, my health, my love of Alaska, being raised a PK/MK...whatever God has put on my heart that I am impressed to write. That I write...It is not written to, for or against anyone. It is just ME. Who and what I am, ungaurded and honest. Audrey Lynn (Noel, Boyd) Grant. All I have been, all I have lived, everywhere I have been, everything I have seen and experienced in life has made me who I am today. And most of all I am thankful to be God's redeemed Child! For without Him, I am nothing!

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