Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Mom~Heart of the Home

Hills of Central Ky. Dad was Pastoring his first Church he started out of Bible College.

Sommerset, Ky. - One of our many stops alongside the road in our travels!

   Growing up as a missionary kid we moved and were on the road so much that for us "home" was definatley where we were together as a family. Home was where our HEARTS were, literally. Mom had a way of creating such a closeness that we felt at home in a van, a converted yellow school bus, a church nursery, someone's floor, a colonial mansion, a tent, even a house that was literally cut in half and was sitting in two pieces a few feet apart when we got there to move in!

Yellowstone National Park on the move to Alaska 1985

   I guess what I am trying to say, is home is you the wife and are the heart of your family for your children and husband. That doesn't make it easy for you. But if you are happy and keep that beautiful smile on your face. They will be at home where ever God puts you. Until He lets you be "settled".

Church for a livingroom - Village of McGrath, AK. 1994

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