Friday, May 15, 2009

My Mother/Daughter Day

Sometimes I find that I have to step back and take a long look at the young lady who is my daughter. She is growing so fast, gone are the baby days and her toddler ways. I know she is only nine but she is amazing to me.

She has come so far this year with her dyslexia. She is already reading at her grade level! She doesn't even consider dyslexia as anything other than the "different way my eyes see the words sometimes" which is her simplified way of explaining it. Thankfuly in the christian school we have her in there hasn't been any teasing or cruelty, the only problem we have had has been with our niece Victoria who lives with us part time, she has a tendancy to give Joanna a really hard time if we don't keep an eye out. She likes to tease Joanna about being able to read better than her even though Joanna is older....or maybe because Jo is older?!?!

Joanna, or Jojo, is tall and slender for her age. Growing taller all the time! She has a wide, sweet smile. Big, beautiful, blue eyes that well up with huge glistening tears at the drop of a hat(It doesn't matter if she is hurting, sad, sorry, worried about someone....). Her laugh is contagious and I would stand on my head just to hear her giggle! Which doesn't take a lot cause she is a very happy child.

My daughter loves music. She loves to listen to it. She wants to learn to play the piano. She adores singing. She has already sang in two or three specials (trio's) at the church as well as doing parts in her Sundayschool programs. She loves to spin round and round.

Dressing up is a wonderful thing as far as Jojo is concerned! Whether for play or for real! But she isn't above a pair of jeans and fishing or biking either. I hope this means I am raising a well rounded girl! She has very eclectic taste when dressing herself for every day. Two days ago she had on a purple floral skirt over mauve, velour, striped sweats with an orange and pink hoodie top, green earings and a black & pink flowered headband. All with black dress up heels! (I think she might be an artist!! LOL)

I got to take her to our Mother Daughter banquet the other night. (see picture). We had a wonderful time! Eating a fancy supper together off of real china. Wearing church clothes getting our picture taken together! It was good to get to talk to her and spend time with her. I guess it is obvious that I love her so very much and am very proud of her.

No matter how old she gets she will always be my little girl, but I want to do the best job I can to teach her to be as wonderful a woman as she is an adoreable girl. I just hope and pray I am up to the job God has put in front of me.

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