Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanksgiving ~ Nov. 2nd

Today I am thankful for FRIENDS! I have friends from childhood who have stuck with me through the years, I have friends from teens and young adult who have seen me through good times and bad, former students who have grown into dear and treasured friends and I have new friends who are just getting to know me. 

Each one is always there JUST at the right moment when I need them the most! I only hope and pray they can say the same about me! LIFE WOULD BE SOOOO BORING WITHOUT FRIENDS!!!

MY LAST MAJOR HIKING TRIP! Back row: Leah (Howell) Abraham, Kaylena (Brown) Cinereski, Pastor's Wife Wanda Boutwell, Jessie Sutton Ruffridge, Holli Boutwell Watkins, Linda Martin Ruffridge, Missy Foust, Angela (Dioguardi) D'Amelio, Middle: Cassie (Sutton) Wood, & Pastor Rays Sister Jean, Front: Audrey Noel Grant, Pat Jaskowiak Dioguardi, & Deloma Howell. (The ladies who's last names are in parentheses have all gotten married since this was taken!)

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