Thursday, December 1, 2011


My little girl is growing up too fast! Tomorrow she is off to Anchorage for a shopping trip with the "Girls"! Her Aunt Deanna, New Cousin -in-Law Jessika, and Cousins Hollie, Shelby, Virginia and Victoria are all going to hit the Big City and do some clothes shopping and asked it Joanna could go along!
Her Daddy said she could and so she grabbed her purple purse and her purple over night bag and out the door she flew with long brown hair and coat tails blowing in the wind and a "Bye Mom! Bye Dad! I love you!" yelled over her shoulder.
Of course she had spent hours with me the night before going through every item in her purse and bag making sure she was packing just right and she had already hugged and kissed us bye at least two or three times each before they got here. But when the moment arrived...She was out of here in a second!! She will be 12 in March and is already taller than most of the women in our church! She is a little lady already!
I'm not sure I am ready for her growing up, her confidence, her independence, her beauty, her shopping without me...but I'm afraid it is here...ready or not!
Joanna 11 1/2

Victoria 11 1/2, Joanna 11 1/2, Virginia 11 1/2, Shelby 13

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