Tuesday, September 6, 2011

God's Mighty Men 2011

In the last year and a half there have been so very many great men who have been instrumental in making me who I am today as a Christian and even as a woman and a mother die. I can't seem to keep my "weeble wobbling"! It's like I keep taking one hit after the other and wondering which one is going to be the one that knocks me down for the KO.

There have been Evangelists, Preachers & Missionaries. Some I have known for 7 years some for 25 some since I was in Kindergarten and some since in the womb. Some were new friends, some were Dear Memories of days and years gone by, some were family who have faithfully served God for over 50 years as assistant Pastor and others were missionaries and Uncles who were Preachers and Pastors. Some just friends who were faithful men who served God and took care of and loved their families!

Now I look at my Dad and his heart problems which are VERY serious. I see one of my Dearest  and Longest Friends and her Dad (Also a preacher) is battling cancer. Another Friends Dad (An Evangelist) lost his battle with Cancer.

We have lost some Mighty Men of God in a very short time as far as this old earth is concerned. (Another dear Evangelist went Home to be with God last Night on the way back from preaching.) But God knows what He is doing and he never leaves us Comfortless! Nor does he leave us without guidance. 

Is this a shake-up and wake-up call? Maybe, I think so! I think we have set back for years and let the old and faithful work themselves to death! And now it is time for some younger men, REAL MEN to step up and fill in the gaps that have been left open! Are you a gap filler?

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