Saturday, February 5, 2011

Prayer List in Pictures

I have always loved changing my desktop background. I have some beautiful ones that I have found and designed over the years. My favorites have always been the ones with a Bible verse or a meaningful quote that goes with the picture and my mood or even better, encourages and betters my attitude.
Back when my dear firnd Christine Sutton was dieing, her daughters posted some beautiful pictures taken out of her bedroom window, and some pictures of their family on their last vacation together. I copied them with a beautiful quote that made me think of her. And put it on my desk top for the longest time. Every time I looked at my computer it reminded me to pray for her and each of her family.
Even after Christine went home to be with her Lord and Savior I kept it there for a long time praying for my friends who were hurting.
In 2010 a friend of mine began to loose her Dad in his health battle. It was a long slow struggle but near the end it went way to fast. Once again my desktop became a collage of both better days when he was robust and healthy and current pictures of him with his girls and grandbabies. My Prayer Collage. Every time I looked at my computer I remembered to say an extra prayer for them.
As I have spent almost a year and a half (give or take) now, locked in my home. Unable physically to go, do, encourage, visit, help...any of the things I am used to DOING. I have learned to use my computer in as many ways as I can to minister to others. I blog, I FB, I email, and last but not least...I Picture Prayer List. When I know someone or several someones are going thru something extra hard. I add them to my Prayer Collage and each time I see them I know to pray for them.
It is now becoming a family thing without the kids realizing that it is a ministry. They are just curious to see..."Who do you have on your computer Mom?" So I show them the pictures and tell them why I am praying. Sometimes more info, sometimes less. But they know that the person, or persons on Mom's computer need to be prayed for. No out of sight out of mind prayer list that gets tucked in the Bible after prayer meeting and forgotten.
Right now my collage is STUFFED with my Uncles and Cousins from down south! And my parents. Both sides of the family are having to deal with some very hard blows right now, cancers, massive heart attacks, back surgeries, commas...But God is all powerful and He is in control. So I do what I can and pray all I can and the computer God has blessed me with is another tool I can use to help me in yet another way.

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