Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thanks you all. Loma, I don't know who all knows what on which tests any more...I'm so confused any more, so if I repeat I'm sorry. Here's the basics. No stroke or anurisms ~good. Found that I only have one working artery in the back of my ...neck leading to my head instead of two. The other one looks to be malformed from birth which could be a part of my headaches over the years but not life threatening.My neck is much worse, it is collapsing on itself which is crushing the nerves. So I will be refered to a speciallist in Anch. She thinks at the very least I will need two discs replaced in my neck for now to get some relief. As for my mid back where I get the bad back spasms. She said this is in an area that can not be operated on and even though the scoliosis is getting worse and more painful it is something I will just have to live with and moniter with pain meds as much as possible. Finally, my siatic (sp) nerve and hip. That was always a problem but carrying two huge baby boys on that spot just damaged it more. She said eventually there are a few things can be done to give me some relief but I still might end up with surgery on the hip or in a wheel chair over time if the nerve keeps staying inflamed at the rate it is.So basicaly, I'm a mess head to hip! Not quite head to toe like we always thought but pretty close! LOLI know my spelling is awful but my head hasn't quit hurting for about 8 days now and I can't even see straight any more so I'm sorry. Health wise~ believe it or not~ I am getting better!! My fibromialga is as painful as always, but I am completely off of blood pressure pills, which has shocked the Dr's. they all said I would be on them for life and after 5 years, I am off of them. My Thyroid is doing well and I am on my second month without any meds for that. I have managed, even while being on bed rest for the last year, to lose 56 lbs!! So some things are looking up! Now if I could quit hurting and get some sleep!

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