Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Things

Today I am thankful for the little things! Socks for when my feet are cold, diet coke just because I love it so very much, good music to sooth my heart and mind when things get to be more than I think I can take. It is amazing how much listening to music can distract me while waiting for sleep or meds to give me some rest!
A phone call from one of my moms or my sisters to just say how are you or to talk for two hours, it doesn't matter which, it's the call that's important.
The sound of my children's chatter and laugher, my tiny dog, Haylee,snuggled next to me while I read or nap or just lay for hours in pain~ she is my ever present companion and five lb. self apointed protector.
A strong, hot, cup of coffee, a joke to make me laugh till I cry or snort or my back hurts so bad I do both! A note of encouragement from a friend or family member on Face Book, email or text that makes my day and cheers my heart!
My dear sweet patient over worked husband walking into the room to check on me and tugging on my toe as I lay in my recliner in pain, asking if I need anything. Sometimes I hurt so bad he can't hug me because of my shoulders and back so he squeezes and tugs on my big toe instead...that's his way of hugging me without hurting me! It lets me know "Here's a hug, I'd give you a great big one if you weren't hurting so bad, but for now this will have to do. I just have to hug something on you that doesn't hurt and doesn't demand any effort on your part!" It's him giving me all of his love and asking nothing in return when he knows I can't respond at that moment in time! list goes on and on, little things that make my heart light, Little to anyone else but sooo big to me because they touch my life in such a real way ~ God even gives me little thing I need and want! I have so very much to be thankful for!

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