Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Mousie" No More!!

At a very young age, like my Mom, I started to get some grey hair but I had enough other colors, (Charlie once counted and found 14) to make them not real noticable at first. But after 12 years of a not so good marriage, LOL, and a divorce I had a LOT of grey hair!

By year 5 in the marriage, the first time Charlie told me he didn't love me I walked to Safeway and bought a box of hairdye for the first time and dyed my hair. I bought the wrong color of course!....... My hair was FLAMING orange! It was horrid!
Charlie didn't even notice that I had done anything and Kenney asked if I had bought a new blouse! LOL
The next day I went back to Safeway and got another color and tried again. It ended up way to dark of a red but it was way better then ORANGE!

From that day on I dyed my hair. Not a lot at first, but just enough to cover the grey and as close as I could get to my natural color. Then as the years went on and I became a single mom it became more about the cheapest brand I could buy and that often turned out burgandy or some other wild color!

James has salt and pepper hair that is beautiful black and silver as does my mom. And so when my Mom suggested that I was almost 40 I should grow out the red and go natural I did. It took a long time. First James cut 13 inches off for me to send to locks of love. Then my Mom gave me a hair cut and kept it trimmed for me as it grew out over the next year. Then I turned 40 in January and it has been finally getting a little length back on it. Not a lot because my hair grows so very slow. Then in the store (Safeway in fact) Mathew told me I should dye my hair back to red that I looked mousie with the grey and I even act more mousie now. He said I should wait 10 years until it is all grey and beautiful like Mamaw's to grow it out again!

So today I dyed my hair back red again and I am glad I did! I like it.

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